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Newmark Award Winner

Newmark Award winner, Kim Ruebke, with Director of Nursing, Susan Diddlebock

The 2018 Israel D. Newmark Memorial Award winner was announced Friday, November 9th at Memorial Hospital's fall party.

This year’s winner, Kim Ruebke, was presented with a plaque by Chief of Staff, Dr. Joseph Molnar who spoke these words about her during the presentation, “This employee works very hard to keep the department running, with most of the work being behind the scenes but is always willing to jump right in when another employee is needed to take care of a busy department. Someone who has put so much of herself into her position should be acknowledged for this. She wears two hats: a caring compassionate nurse and a level headed leader.” Ruebke, had these words to say in response, “I feel honored and privileged for receiving this award. I'm thankful for being able to work at Memorial Hospital and to have great co-workers and friends to work with. Memorial Hospital has the reputation of excellent care and caring staff. I'm truly honored and proud to be a part of this organization. ” (Kim Ruebke is pictured with Susan Diddlebock, Director of Nursing)



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