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Memorial Hospital Service Awards & Newmark Award 2020

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Memorial Hospital presented service awards individually to employees during their workday this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and for the safety of staff and their family, the Hospital did not host a party this year. Department heads, presented the following employees with their Service Awards:

  • 5 Years, Reymil Alcala, Loegan Anderson, Morgan Bendorf, Morgan Cash, Kaile Eggemeyer, Amanda Johnson, Marci Klein, Gretchen Kocian, Amber Martin, Audrie Otten, Christina Poppen, Jerina Reese, Michelle Tripp.

  • 10 Years, Janine Leclere.

  • 15 Years, Teresa Ball, Tara Johnson, Kathryn Sauerhage, Michael Whitt.

  • 20 Years, Rachel Garniss, Michelle Evans.

  • 25 Years, Brett Bollmann, Cheri Colvis, Cambrea Doeding, Ida Harriss, Angela Schoenbeck.

  • 30 Years, Kimberly Fedderke.

  • 40 Years, Dr. James Krieg, Susan Robinson.

Retirees from 2020 for this year received a gift commemorating their time at Memorial. Those honored, included:

  • Linda Stern – 10 years,

  • Gennine Westerman – 18 years,

  • Brenda Ruroede – 22 years,

  • Debra Dudenbostel – 28 years,

  • Joan Kleidon – 35 years,

  • Cynthia Lannom – 39 years,

  • Linda Rellergert – 45 years.

The 2020 Israel D. Newmark Memorial Award winner was presented by Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. James Kirkpatrick. This year’s winner, Angela Mohring, RN and Infection Control Nurse at Memorial Hospital, was presented with a plaque. She has worked as at Memorial for 6 years. Dr. Kirkpatrick read the following words from coworkers, “This employee has worked tirelessly all year to keep not only staff, but also their families safe from COVID-19. She has demonstrated the appropriate knowledge and guidance all while maintaining her normal day to day responsibilities. This employee has made herself available to staff 24/7 since the beginning of the pandemic for questions or problems. When a staff member makes these “after hours” calls to her with problems or questions she is always gracious and thoughtful with her responses. She is never weary or frustrated with people reaching out to her for guidance no matter the day or hour. She has worked with management and IDPH and many other resources to make sure we have the most up-to-date policies, procedures and information regarding the pandemic. She has played an important role in the responsible way that our facility has handled the pandemic. She is reliable, knowledgeable, courageous, and determine to keep staff as safe as possible in this uncharted territory, we are thankful she is a part of the Memorial Hospital Team!"

"Not only has she participated in our COVID-19 response with policies and research, she has also worked hands-on alongside nursing staff to provide patient care to the positive COVID-19 patients and to help perform testing. We are extremely grateful for the hard, and sometimes thankless, work that this employee has put forth all year. I can think of no one more deserving of the Israel D. Newmark, M.D. Memorial Award for 2020.”

Angela, had these words to say about her career at Memorial, “I am honored to receive this award, especially during a year like this. I feel blessed to have my amazing friends and co-workers at Memorial who have supported me, pitched in wherever needed, and adapted to the continuous changes we have all endured as healthcare workers during this pandemic. We have all been fighting tirelessly to keep our patients safe. I look forward to the arrival of the vaccine and what that will mean for our community and healthcare team.”

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