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Melissa Soellner, RDN

Melissa Soellner, RDN, CDE, MS
Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator

Melissa has been a Registered Dietitian for almost 30 years. At Memorial Hospital, she has provided inpatient services, outpatient education, group programs and community presentations. She offers one-on-one consultations for a variety of health issues and leads group programs. 

For lifestyle change to be lasting, you have to focus on where you are now.  Change is a process. What you want has to be what you are truly willing to do. As you master one skill, then another one follows.  While information is important, being able to apply that information to your life is crucial. One-on-one visits can get you started. However, group programs provide the longer-term support to make change a habit.

Body Balance is the newest group offering. The initial core program meets once per week for an hour for 16 weeks. Then a twice a month support group is offered. Body Balance coaches you towards sustainable change with the support of others in similar situations. Learn facts to create habits that stick. 

Contact her for consultation at 618-826-4581 ext. 1170.


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