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Annual Newmark Award and Service Awards

Memorial Hospital presented service awards individually to employees during the week of November 1 in place of their annual large, in-person celebration. Brett Bollmann, CEO, presented recipients with their Service Awards. The following employees received Service Awards: 5 Years - Pollyanna Bert (not pictured), Soleil Brunkhorst, Melissa Collins, Amanda Draves, Wesleyan Fadler, Amy Mathis, Bailey McMurtry (not pictured), Ryan Petrowske, Amber Smith, Julie Stern, Lori Williams (not pictured), Rachel Young; 10 Years - Amy Brown, Tifanie Conway (not pictured), Torrie Davitz, Jennifer Donjon, Beverly Froemling, Christine Goetz, Heather Smith, Lisa Wingerter; 15 Years - Kathy Bohnert, Apryl Bradshaw, Susan McCoy, Linda Young; 20 Years - Georgia Allen, Laura Cleiman, Kimberly Ruebke, Heather Williamson; 25 Years - Carla Fedderke; 35 Years - Jacinta Mulholland; 45 Years - Carol Buckholtz and Carol Schulein.

Retirees from 2021 for this year received a gift commemorating their time at Memorial. Those honored, included: Ida Harriss – 26 years (not pictured), Reta Mott – 27 years (not pictured), Debra Herring – 42 years, Pamela Schroeder – 28 years, Lisa Austin – 39 years (not pictured).

Amy Eggemeyer and Dr. James Krieg

The 2021 Israel D. Newmark Memorial Award was presented by Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. James Krieg during a Medical Staff Meeting on November 17th. This year’s recipient Amy Eggemeyer, Care Coordinator Manager at Memorial Hospital, was presented with a plaque. She has worked at Memorial for 4 years. Dr. Krieg read the following words from coworkers, “This employee makes each and every patient she comes in contact with feel like family. She shows compassion by comforting patients and their loved ones during some pretty stressful and complicated situations. She has a knack for remembering the names of patient’s relatives, various appointments, patient likes/dislikes, etc. We believe it is because she genuinely cares for them. She is always professional and treats her peers with respect. Always upbeat and ready to boost morale. I have heard more compliments from our patients and families in the last couple of years since she has taken on her new role. She works extremely hard at what she does and takes pride in giving our community outstanding care during their stay. She makes sure that every detail of their care while at the hospital and when they return home are in order.”

Eggemeyer was honored to receive the award and had these words to say about her career at Memorial, “I absolutely love my job at Memorial Hospital. I work with a fun bunch of people, not only nursing staff, but other departments as well. I love working with the community. There is nothing I love more than getting a phone call asking about our swing bed program and what I can do to help get either themselves or a family member in. I have a lot of pride in our hometown hospital. ”

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