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Service Awards 2018

Memorial Hospital hosted their Fall Party on Friday, November 9th. Many employees were celebrated for their years of service. Brett Bollmann, CEO, presented the following employees with their Service Awards:

****5 Years**** Michelle Davis Susan Diddlebock Heather Fraembs Amy Kirkland Andria Zweigart

****10 Years***** Aaron Athmer Adrienne Caby Lacey Hartman Sherry Moore Tia Reid

****15 Years**** Stephanie Biermann Amy Kloos Donna Martin Sarah Schenk Sharon Simpson Jason Springs

****20 Years**** Tina Lovel Martha Roth Brenda Ruroede Elizabeth Shemonic

****25 Years**** Jill Arbeiter Pamela Hill Brenda Hopfer Robin McMurtry Sandra Schleifer Debra Thurm

****30 Years**** Rhonda Mott.

****35 Years**** Randy Dudenbostel

****40 Years**** Janet Bargman

****45 Years**** Marilyn Duensing.

Following the Service Awards, the 2018 retirees were recognized for their years of services as well. Those honored, included:

Norma Schneider - 12 years Linda Baughman - 15 years Judith Guebert – 15 years Janice Korando - 17 years Patricia Buehler - 19 years Catherine Shemonic - 19 years Sharon Lambert - 20 years David Morris - 23 years Mary Mitchell - 30 years Joyce Rubach - 39 years

Barbe Lenhard - 43 years Brenda Werle - 44 years Sandra Otten - 46 years

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