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Amy Brown Named Newmark Award Recipient for 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Memorial Hospital is honored to name Amy Brown as the Israel D. Newmark Award Recipient for 2022. Chief of Medical Staff, Dr. Lisa Lowry-Rohlfing presented her family with a plaque of recognition on December 28, 2022 in an intimate ceremony held in the Infusion and Chemotherapy Department at Memorial Hospital. Amy worked as the Specialty Clinic Supervisor for the past 5 years and was an employee at Memorial for 11 ½ years. Earlier this year, Amy unexpectedly passed, so her family was present to receive her award in her honor.

Scott Brown, Olivia Brown, Steve Brown, and Dr. Lisa Lowry

The Newmark award is presented annually to the individual employee who has contributed most to the quality of patient care at Memorial. This award was established by the Newmark family and has been awarded to an outstanding employee since 1988. Each year, employees submit nominations, which are reviewed by a committee.

Co-workers of Amy nominated her for this prestigious award. They had this to say about her, “Amy epitomized what a Memorial Hospital Employee should be. She was a good listener and might be doing fifty things, but still she always listened. She always had time for patients. Amy had a knack for making whomever she was dealing with feel as if she cared and would follow through with whatever needed to be done. She was a real asset to our MHC team as a great team player and willing to work with everyone to improve patient care. Amy was always willing to help, patients, coworkers, neighbors, and family alike. If a ride was needed, an errand done, or maybe just a quick check to see if all was ok, you could always count on her. On more than one occasion, special trips to get imaging CDs or test results delivered faster were made. Amy was the kind of person who many times knew what was needed, and had it done, even before she was asked. Amy loved her family, friends, and buddy Jasper. She was full of life and laughs and most of all love, we were lucky to have had her and called her friend.”

Amy’s legacy of kindness, generosity, and compassion for her patients and co-workers lives on through the many laughs and stories shared. Her name will forever grace the walls of Memorial, among the other Newmark Award recipients, on the newly installed “Recognizing Excellence” display.

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